The Victorville Businessman’s Association began serious discussions about the need for fire protection in 1923. Prior to that, fire suppression efforts were usually initiated by a very loosely organized group of volunteers using well pumps, the steam driven pumps on locomotives, or bucket brigades. The limited amount of fire suppression equipment those volunteers had at their disposal included at least one soda and acid “chemical engine”. The majority of their small stash of firefighting equipment was supplied by the Chamber of Commerce, who also appointed the fire chiefs. And despite their best efforts, large fires continued to regularly consume homes and businesses in the Victor Valley.

By the latter part of 1925, a petition signed by the Victorville residents and business owners was presented to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. As a result of that petition, the Board of Supervisors approved the Victorville County Fire Protection District on July 26,1926, thus making monies available for fire protection. A.S. Amaral, M.M. Black and C.J. Goodrich were appointed by the Board of Supervisors to be the Fire Commissioners of the newly formed Fire District. A small, hand-drawn trailer was purchased for $25 , along with tow hundred and fifty feet of 1 1/2″ hose.

Property owners could have 1 1/2″ standpipes installed for fire protection at a cost of $2 per month.

In 1927 the district purchased a 1921 Model T Ford triple combination 2350-gallon pumper truck from Culver City. They also purchased five hundred feet of 2 1/2″ hose to complete their firefighting ensemble.

The District purchased it’s first piece of brand new fire apparatus in 1930; a Ahrens-Fox 500-gallon pumper.

There was no fire station in Victorville, so the volunteers stored both of these pumpers at the Victorville Garage where they rented space for $15 per month. But in 1938 the Victorville garage notified the Fire Commission that they could no longer provide 24-hour alarm service. So, the Commissioners approved an additional expenditure of $35 per month to pay a partial salary to “night men” so that 24-hour service could be maintained. They also approved $10 per month to rent a small apartment adjoining the garage for the night watchmen to use.

In 1962, Victorville became an incorporated city. But the city did not control the fire district until years later in 1976.

The Victorville Fire Protection District remained an all volunteer operation until July 1, 1972, when a full-time Fire Chief was hired. When the city took control of the fire district in 1976, six more full-time firefighters were hired.

The Victorville Fire Department was officially formed on June 27, 1977.

In 2008 the Victorville Fire Department entered into a Contract for Services with the San Bernardino County Fire Department. San Bernardino County initiated Paramedic Services to the Community upon transition.