2019 Elections

The Candidates for the Office of Mountain Vice President are Omar Aguilar and Joe Barna.  A proposed change Constitution and Bylaws will also be mailed with the ballots.  All members are encouraged to participate in this process.  Contact Secretary Miescher if you did not receive a elections information postcard to verify your mailing address.

Voting Procedures for March/April 2019

The main envelope shall have the current available address on file on the envelope with the Union return label on the outside of the envelope.  The main envelope shall contain the ballot, ballot envelope, and instructions.  The ballot envelope shall only be marked as the ballot envelope. Instructions shall declare the receive day for inclusion in the ballot counting and instruct the voter to submit the ballot into the ballot envelope and to seal it. Place ballot envelope in the return envelope and mail back to Local post office box ensuring it arrives by the time stated below. BALLOTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 5:00 P.M. APRIL 8, 2019 AT THE UNION P.O. BOX OR HAND DELIVERED TO SECRETARY MIESCHER BY THE SAME TIME. The ballot envelope shall be placed in the return envelope. The date, place, and time of ballot counting must be clearly marked. BALLOTS WILL BE COUNTED AT 6:00 P.M. MONDAY APRIL 8, 2019, AT STATION 71 IN FONTANA. All instructions shall be posted on the website and e-mailed to members’ personal email addresses on file with the webmaster. BALLOTS WILL BE PREPARED AT FIRE STATION 10 IN PHELAN STARTING AT 0900 AND MAILED OUT SATURDAY MARCH 23, 2018.  The return envelope shall have the Local as the addressee and the return address label shall contain the current available address on file of the voter. All ballots received after the date for inclusion at the P.O. Box shall be destroyed. ANY BALLOTS RECEIVED AFTER APRIL 8, 2019 WILL BE DESTROYED.  All ballots arriving on or before the date due, must be retained unopened until the counting day. The mailbox must be emptied at 5:00 p.m. on the receive day (APRIL 8, 2019).  Members must notify the Secretary (BEFORE APRIL 8, 2019) if they have not received their ballots and make their own arrangements for receipt and delivery of provisional ballots by the due date. The provisional ballots shall be identical as above except by the addition of “provisional” on the return envelope. Returned envelopes with the wrong addresses may not reach members in time if re-mailed. It is the members’ responsibility to keep a current address on file with the Secretary and Treasurer and to vote by provisional ballot if the original does not arrive on time.

BALLOT COUNTING PROCEDURE 1800 ON APRIL 8, 2019 at STATION 71.   No ballots shall be opened before the counting day (APRIL 8, 2019). The entire bundle of ballots received on and before the receive day shall considered at the appointed date, place and time.

Two members shall inspect each return envelope and make sure that there are no duplicate return address labels and all labels are from union members in good standing. Each voting member shall be recorded.

After all return envelopes are validated, the provisional return envelopes shall be included if the original member envelope is not found and the provisional members name shall be recorded.  Ballots must be embossed with the seal of the Local to be valid.

The valid return envelopes (both original and provisional) shall be separated from the ballot envelopes.

A new team, who are not part of those who opened return envelopes shall open the ballot envelopes and examine each ballot for validity.

Each ballot that is clearly marked shall be piled together. Disputed or controversial ballots shall be reviewed by the counting committee for disposition. If there is a tied vote regarding validity, the condition/decision of the ballot shall be decided by coin toss.

After all ballots are determined valid, the votes shall be tallied.

All members in good standing may monitor the entire procedure. Challenges or questions can only be raised by members of the ballot counting committee or candidates (or their single designated representatives).

All ballots and materials shall be bundled together and retained for a period of two years.


Candidate statement from Omar Aguilar 

Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Omar Aguilar and I am running for Vice President of the Mountain Division. I have been involved with union business for many years with a major focus in our local mountains. I believe in doing the right thing and leading with the strength of the membership behind me.

I feel I will be a great fit as your Mountain VP due to my knowledge of the area, connections with cooperators and good rapport with management staff. I promise to protect your rights at all costs, and keep you informed on the latest affairs of the local.

Please know that I am a tested and true fighter. I have never backed down from a fight, especially when the rights of our members are being infringed upon. We have endured many changes together over the years, and I promise to always be your voice.

My main focus’ will be as follows:

  • Fight for the “big three” wages, benefits and working conditions as a member of the ExecutiveBoard
  • Protect the rights, voices and opinions of the membership
  • Provide an improved line of communications to the mountain division
  • Bridge the gap between local, state and federal cooperators that edge our mountain communities

I plan to achieve this by following my moral compass and trusting it to guide my political position. I will communicate frequently with the mountain representative, and take the time to listen to your needs and wants. I will stay connected to our cooperators to provide a better and safer way of responding together.

I seek your votes this election and hope to earn your confidence in our local once again.

Thank you,

Omar Aguilar


• San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 935 Upland shop steward – Current
• San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 935 Worker’s Comp Committee member – Current
• MDA Fill the Boot Project Manager/Coordinator – Current
• San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 935 President- 2016
• Crest Forest IAFF Local 4105 President – 2011-2013
• Crest Forest IAFF Local 4105 Vice-President – 2009-2011
• Crest Forest IAFF Local 4105 Negotiations Team Member – 2007-2009
• MDA Fill the Boot Project Manager/Coordinator – 2007-2013


Candidate Statement from Joe Barna

Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Joe Barna and I am running for the Mountain Division Vice President.

The decision to represent you is not a decision I have taken lightly. I served as Vice President in Upland for several years. I truly understand the rigors, ethics, communication, and hard work it takes to perform in the position. I commit to you that I will listen, represent, and communicate to you the members through my hard work, honesty, common sense, and analytical thinking.

I humbly ask for your vote and support, to represent you as the Mountain Vice President.

Some quick facts about me personally. My wife Leann and I have lived in Lake Arrowhead for 16 years. We have four daughters who range in age from 14 to 22. Our oldest is married and we are currently enjoying our first grandson! I am stationed in the Mountain Division at Station 94, aka the staffing desk. I believe that working and living on the mountain allows me to have a direct link and communication to represent our members and community.

Wages and Working Conditions – This is the most important function of our union and the reason we exist. I am already an active member and advocate for our membership for both our wages and our working conditions. I currently sit on the negotiations’ committee and serve at the table as one of our negotiation team members. I have recently advocated and assisted in retaining one of the best law firms in the country to assist the entire 935 group not only in negotiations, but also in discipline, grievances, and workers comp. It is my vision to assist with educating the membership on the value of increasing to a full retainer relationship with our new attorneys. I believe a full service law firm is the best way to ensure we are meeting our goal of wages and working conditions.

Communication and Representation – We can only win the battle on wages and working conditions through listening and communication. In this line of work, we are all intelligent and trained problem solvers. I cannot represent you without listening to your struggles, successes, and ideas. Also, how can I expect our membership to stand up and fight with us if you are unaware of what your union is working on or struggling with?

I truly believe our union is poised for greatness. We have a lot of change in our near future that will determine our path and I will work tirelessly for you and your families to ensure our success.

Vote Barna for Mountain VP!


Joe Barna