Telestaff Committee Meeting

July 6, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone

San Bernardino County Fire Department
TeleStaff Committee

Members Present:
Chair: N. Homayounieh BC: Villarino
Captain: R. Starling
Others Present:
Deputy Chief: T. Marshall DC: J. Barna
Captain: R. Gault Captain: B. Moore Captain: J. McGarvey Engineer: A. Comstock
BC: A. Rapoza Captain: J. Grigoli
FFPM: C. Adams-Snape A/O: C. Schnaufer Yvonne Robins Theresa Mesa

Meeting called to order: 1000 Agenda Items:
A. Ryan Webb:
a. Introduction: b. Tasks:
San Bernardino County Fire District TeleStaff Committee Minutes July 6th 2021
i. Will assist with 2-29 and standardize training with developing a training program.
c. Assignments:
i. Still reports to the IMT.
d. Direction:
i. Reports to Nima and BC Villarino for staffing.
B. Deputy Chief Marshall:
a. Committee dialog:
i. Will be sending out a memo to ensure proper DB Approval.
ii. DB for suppression will be approved by Deputy Chief Marshall.
iii. AO DB will be approved by DC J. Barna.
C. Mulligans:
a. Use with Back-To-Back Forces:
i. A 24-hour rule will be implemented. If a mulligan is used within
24Hrs of receiving the first force, the preceding forces will be removed. If used after the 24Hr period, the mulligan will only count for the day it is being used.
D. Work Downs:
a. Force Hire Issues: (Sunset Clause for 1 year. Re-address July 2022)
i. Auto hire for work-downs has been disabled.
ii. Work-downs will only be allowed for FMS and Vacancies and will be
entered manually.
iii. Move-Ups will now be countywide and no longer limited to in-
E. BC Notifications:
a. Who to contact for assignment issues:
i. A Memo will be sent out to direct personnel to their perspective (On Duty) BC for staffing related approvals.
F. Battalion Sign-ups:
a. Approved:
i. Currently in the process of being created.
G. Tower 12/13
a. Identification problems:
i. Probationary Fireman are being identified with PROB specialty.
ii. Once additional towers are on the floor, additional identification may be created for identification.
H. Promotional Hours Issue:
a. Newly promoted personnel have had conflicts with hours.
i. Webb and Theresa to handle input of hours carried over to newly
promoted personnel.
I. Holiday Annual Leave:
a. 6 month provision.
i. Leave as is: One holiday annual every 6 months.
ii. Entry by Theresa and Webb (Only).
J. Holiday List:
a. No Change.
K. FMS and MS Reset:
a. Propose hours to reset together every 4/months.
i. MS and FMS hours will now reset together every 4 months.
a. No changes.
M. Move Ups:
a. When to force FF-EMT to PM positions:
i. FF-EMT will be forced into FF-PM positions for FMS in the FF-PM rank exceeding 7-days. Once the 7-day list for FF-PM has been depleted, FF-EMT will be forced before moving to a 8-day PM list.
b. When to allow FF-EMT MS into PM positions:
i. Only to prevent a Force-Hire. If a FF-PM vacancy is going to force, a FF-EMT (signed-up) may be filled to prevent a force-hire.
N. Annual Leave Spreadsheet:
a. Annual leave tracking spreadsheet creation:
i. Webb to create for utilization by Theresa and Webb.
O. Staffing Rights:
a. Who should have staffing rights:
i. Station 94 assigned personnel, committee members, and CSC.
P. 30 Day Forces:
a. Evaluation:
i. To allow for more notice, forcing over hours will be utilized for Days
Q. Sunset Date:
1 – 15, Days 16 – 30 forces will remain under-hours only.
a. All memos with sunset clauses:
i. All memos with a sunset clause will be re-tabled and revised or
removed July 2022.
R. Time Trades:
a. Approving day 2 of a trade when day 1 is eligible on day 30.
i. If a TW is approved on day 30, the TW for day 31 is approved as well.
Meeting adjourned 1400