EMS Committee Online Meeting

May 4, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am America/Los Angeles Timezone

EMS Equipment Committee Meeting Minutes

March 4th 2021

Online Meeting

Members present: Joe Barna, Jeremy Pendergraft, Kelly Andersen, Rob Davis, Andrew Ball, Ryan Beckers, Steven Brandenberg, David Fratus, Richard Huntling, Francisco Lerma, Tim Schons, Mike Doucette, Nick Torres


Presentations: Rick Binder (Binder Lift Sales Representative), AO Jeremy Hernandez, AO Matthew Katz



  • We introduced new members Richard Huntling, Steven Brandenburg, Mike Doucette, and Nick Torres to the Committee.
  • We received a presentation from Rick Binder regarding the Binder lift device. The presentation resulted in questions regarding the size of the device to see if it will fit into our current Apparatus configuration, and the overall cost of the device. The Committee agreed that there is a potential for use of the product on Ambulances for now, and potentially Squads. The potential will result in further research of the device. The further trial of the device will be handled through the Committee. AO Mike Doucette will take the lead on the further research. We have requested further information that includes an additional trial of the device by AO personnel arranged by Mike Doucette, research of any other devices similar to this, and a cost/efficacy comparison of this device compared to any potential others. We are also asking that if possible, obtain info from Risk Management regarding back injury percentages and costs with which to offset the cost of the device. Quote for the device was sent by Rick Binder to the Committee and forwarded to DC Barna for budget analysis.
  • AO Jeremy Hernandez and AO Matt Katz presented their recommendations regarding the Binder Life device. Both conducted a trial in the field on their ambulances. Both recommended the Standard version of this device for use on Ambulances.
  • The Committee discussed the Bio-99 COVID-19 protective suit trial results that were achieved since the last meeting. The Committee continues to not recommend the purchase of the device due to efficacy and fiscal concerns.
  • The deployment model of the LineMedic and LineEMT packs purchased by the IMT was discussed. A tentative proposal was delivered to DC Barna with a couple issues to discuss that included whether there is room for the packs on the proposed Apparatus and the adjustments to Narcotic stock, location, and tracking. This item will receive further discussion and remain on the agenda. David Fratus is finalizing some answers to the pending concerns.
  • We discussed the repositioning of our current inventory in the Airway bag to allow room for the KingVision laryngoscopes. We will separate this deployment from the ICEBOX deployment that will now wait until we can make arrangements for the KingVision laryngoscopes that have a training date already established. DC Barna will send out an email to Department personnel indicating the need to make the required movement to allow for placement of the KingVision laryngoscope. We will attach a video that will visually explain the changes needed. We will also attach an updated version of the Airway Bag portion of Ops Directive 3540 for personnel to refer to. It will also include instructions on items needed to be ordered from the Warehouse to accomplish the changes and movement. The email will include the deadline of May 28th 2021 to allow for the intended first training on the device of June 1st. We will assign Committee members to follow-up throughout the rest of the month to ensure we can answer any questions and compliance: Beckers Div 1, Ball Div 2, Fratus Div 3, Huntling Div 4, Pendergraft Div 5/6.
  • The deployment of KingVision video laryngoscopes will begin throughout the rest of May. The required training will begin June 1st.
  • The Pulsara App trial was discontinued by DC Barna due to some issues between ICEMA and our current Medical Director(s). This trial will continue again in the future, it is just tabled pending the current issues. Andrew Ball will remain the lead on this project and will keep all personnel that were participating in the trial prepared to continue the trial process when directed by DC Barna.
  • We will table further consideration of moving to the digital thermometer after implementation of this model in the stations through the IMT pending any information gathered by Rob Davis.
  • David Fratus gave an expansive update on the vending machine implementation and integration into the XBO spreadsheet option and Hub Station concept. DC Barna envisions a Division-style concept to EMS ordering similar to our Hub Station proposal. The idea is that all stations will coordinate ordering through one assigned station in each Division that handles. There are 32 vending machines purchased through the IMT that will be distributed throughout the Department. These machines include a proprietary software that will not integrate with any spreadsheet concept we have. However, these devices will contain a large amount of our EMS item inventory. It is proposed that there may be a dedicated individual at the warehouse that is assigned restock of these vending machines according to the items recommended by the machine software. DC Barna is handling coordination of this proposal with Corbin Dorado at the Warehouse and any other approvals needed. This will result in the Division/Hub Station only being responsible for those items that are not automatically ordered and contained in the vending machine.  Our spreadsheet concept would be utilized by the personnel at the Hub Stations to facilitate ordering of all of the items not in the machines. Fratus, Davis, and Ball will continue further work that includes simplification of spreadsheet operation to enable any personnel to step in after transfers, promotions, etc…and analysis of space/infrastructure requirements for the machines to be placed in the intended locations.
  • The approval of the BC EMS bag to be added to Appendix 13 of Ops Directive 4725 is moving forward pending an answer from DC Barna regarding the recent Management decision that a backboard is required on Brush Engines. The Apparatus Committee did not designate or fabricate placement for this on the current specification that has been ordered and is being ordered. Management has currently denied removing Backboards, KEDS, Sagers, C-spine bag, etc… from the Brush Engines. We will wait on a decision on whether the Backboard, at least, can be removed or we will have to work with the Apparatus Committee to facilitate this for current and future Type 3 Apparatus. Once we have that decision we will have Tim Schons communicate the agreed upon inventory to the Apparatus Committee so we are all on the same page.
  • No new communications from the Apparatus Committee.
  • No new IMT long-term changes for consideration and the IMT is essentially dissolved and there is no anticipated further purchasing. We will remove this from future agendas unless the situation changes and it is re-agendized.
  • The MCI Addendum to Ops Directive 3050 and accompanying equipment project has progressed forward. All equipment has been ordered and deployed to all Apparatus. Initial training was implemented on TargetSolutions. Pendergraft, Rodriguez, and Beckers met with BC Gorman to discuss the next steps. There is a bottle neck in Training in our recovery from the COVID pandemic. We anticipate a delay for a couple months in moving forward with the next phase of training which we theorize will be station level table top type exercises to practice the new concepts. DC Barna and the EMS BC’s will work with our Training Division in the meantime to coordinate the Local Battalion-based drill training culminating in what we hope will be a Multi-Division and Multi-Agency large drill around the turn of 2022.
  • The ICEBOX rollout will be phased in after our Airway Bag changes preparing for the KingVision laryngoscope rollout. We hope in the interim we can purchase the bags for Division 1. All other Divisions have been ordered or are in place already. Divisions 1,2,5, and 6 are the remaining Divisions. We will experiment with a modified online concept to see if we can try to get these bags in place and stocked. Beckers and Ball remain the leads on this project.
  • Barna communicated that we did not get a completely designated, separate EMS budget during budget finalization for fiscal. He will continue to pursue this as well as a pass-through style agreement. He can commit to arranging some space in the budget to be utilized for purchase of proposed EMS items for trial.
  • We will agendize on future meetings recommending online/Tablet/App availability of our Ops Directives for reference while away from the station or desk without printing them off using paper/ink. We suggest this be used for all Ops Directives, cheat-sheets, and Training documents.



Meeting adjourned at approximately– 1215 on 05/04/2021


All personnel who would request to communicate with the Committee or present any material you can contact any Committee member, or send an email to [email protected] to add it to the agenda or be invited to a meeting if needed.


Next meeting will be on: The next meeting will tentatively be on 07/05/2021. Online only.